This Is the Real Estate Agent Behind the Viral Taco-Related For Sale Sign  [Click Houston]  Even though every rational part of my brain knows that buying an entire actual house just to get $250 of free tacos makes no sense, there’s another part of me that would immediately sign any mortgage you put in front of me if I could already smell the first batch of tacos.

In Seattle, Some Listings Have Sunlight Photoshopped Into the Photos  [Architectural Digest]  If people are photoshopping sunlight into their listings to drive up prices, it’s only a matter of time before they’re photoshopping hipsters in too.

The First Set of Amendments to DC’s Comprehensive Plan Are Out Now  [Greater Greater Washington]  I want my granny flat and I want it now.

After Years of Debate and Planning, the FBI Might Just Stay Where They Are  [Washington Business Journal]  In all seriousness, doesn’t this seem like a “man, we’ve got bigger problems right now than moving to a nicer building” type of decision?

If Your Neighbors Can See You Naked, Do You Have to Cover Up?  [New York Times]  According to a lawyer – no, you don’t have to cover up.  *Takes off pants and stands in window*

The Case for Putting Amazon’s HQ2 In the Suburbs  [Citylab]  HQ2 is basically going to be a big self-contained village, so they might as well build it somewhere sprawly that needs to be village-ized.  (Made up *two* words in that sentence.)




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