The Richness of the Suburbs  [Times Literary Supplement]  Let’s face it, if trucker hats made a comeback, literally everything is going to be cool again at some point.  I guess we’re coming into the suburbs’ second act.

The Insane Effects Driverless Cars Could Have On the DC Housing Market  [Urban Turf DC]  At this point, what would it take for housing prices to go down?  The rapture?  Nuclear winter?

Reebok and Gensler Are Turning Old Gas Stations Into Fitness Hubs  [Arch Daily]  I guess we will have to do something with all the old gas stations after everyone’s driving electric cars.

Winning Amazon’s HQ2 Might Not Actually Bring In New Jobs  [Citylab]  Hmm, who would’ve thought bringing in a massive, tax-exempt, automated monopoly corporation wouldn’t be great for the community?

This $2.3 Million House In New Jersey Is For Sale, and Accepting Bitcoin As Payment  [Business Insider]  Taking bitcoin for luxury real estate in Miami isn’t that surprising, because everyone buying luxury real estate in Miami is (allegedly!) a drug dealer or a corrupt government official from overseas.  But New Jersey?  Bitcoin might officially be mainstream now.

Will Anyone Rent This Apartment for $100,000 a Month?  [Bloomberg]  It drives my mom insane that I “throw away” $1500 a month on rent;  if I paid $100K a month, she would fly to DC just to slap me in the back of the head.


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