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In modern times, energy is hard to come by. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say that energy has always been a hot commodity, no matter the time. But in 2018, finding time to relax can be nearly impossible. And no, by “relax,” I don’t mean mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, tagging your friends in memes here and there, and glancing in horror at the clock, realizing the work day is over and you’ve accomplished, quite seriously, nothing. I’m talking about actual, phone-away, relaxation that leaves you rejuvenated instead of more stressed than when you started. Meditation. Naps. Yoga. That kind of thing.

If that sounds like a foreign idea, don’t worry – you’re not in the minority. USA’s classic “American Dream” has always come with a heaping portion of hustle and little focus on the health of every once in a while being still. However, one DC startup is looking for us to make way for some self-reflection, rest, and relaxation…in the form of NAPS!!! Now, I’m the first to admit that when my mom told me that yoga was supposed to be relaxing I was convinced that she had never been in the downward dog pose. How do I relax when my shoulders are burning and I’m worried about snot rolling out of my nose after being in an upside-down position for an unnecessarily long time. No, I need something that places the emphasis on actual relaxation (corpse pose, if you will). Luckily, there’s a DC startup that understands where I’m coming from: Recharj, “A modern meditation & power nap studio.”

If you thought avocado toast was bougie, I’d like to introduce you to a napping studio. According to their website, Recharj:

“…features premier contemplative and restorative practices, including meditation & power naps. With studios in Washington, DC and Bethesda, MC, we deliver peace of mind in a noisy city. We feature ‘best in class’ meditation teachers offering accessible and enriching classes from a variety of traditions. Come experience an inspiring meditation session or power nap during your workday. When classes are not in session, our meditation room is open to the public for self-guided practice.”

If you’re confused about what this all entails, it might be because Recharj is very much on the forefront of the health and wellness space. This is a new-age concept, and they are fearlessly paving the way for more rest right in our city. Studios feature different types of classes, each with a specific goal in mind. For example, the “Yoga Nidra” class is explained as guided sleep meditation, while “Sound Bath” encourages meditation while you let handpicked sound baths wash over you. Or, you could stick with the original concept: a power nap class.

The studio is a sensory experience, through and through . It’s complete with a real tree bark wall, plenty of moss and plants, and complimentary tea. For nappers, there are six-foot long bean bags, curtains for privacy, and an experience made for comfort. The system is set up for 20-minute power naps, which cost $15 dollars. Or, if members want to partake in classes (which are 35-minutes long), they can buy a 5-class pass for $69. Speaking to The Washingtonian, creator Daniel Turissini says:

“We built it for the business professional who’s overworked, overstressed, and needs that break. We wanted to build a natural oasis away from the steel and the concrete and the cement that you see outside, so everything is controlled to kind of optimize the experience in terms of our senses.”

Nap Pods2

Turissini recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tankhoping to gain some momentum and perhaps an investor. While the company failed to chum the sharks into hopping on board, they – at the very least – peaked my interest. The part that sold me? Naps (period).



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