The Darkest Building On Earth Will Be Unveiled at the Olympics  [Arch Daily]  There are black cars, people who wear all black every day, even black diamonds, but you never see any black houses.  (The one in the picture was owned by the founder of the Church of Satan, which goes to show how far out there a black house actually is.)

Dubai Not As Crazy for Bitcoin As People Think  [Forbes]   Alternate headline:  “No One In Dubai Can Figure Out How to Open a Coinbase Account.”

Our Six Favorite Recent DC Apartment Buildings  [Washingtonian]   My favorite DC apartment building is whichever one I can sneak into to use the swimming pool.

Where DC Rents Are Lowering  [Curbed DC]  In 2012, people paid over $2600 a month to live in NoMa.  That historical fact goes right next to “people used to smoke on airplanes” in the forehead-slapping category.

DC, Maryland, and Virginia Shouldn’t Compete for a New NFL Stadium  [Greater Greater Washington]  If Dan Snyder is going to play the areas against each other, the only option is for them to collude against him.  Don’t you people watch “Game of Thrones”?

The Ecology of a Vacant Lot  [Citylab]  Hundreds of thousands of vacant lots across various decaying Rust Belt cities + the legal marijuana industry = [insert your own annoying Silicon Valley buzzword]

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