The District Is Finally Rehabbing This Abandoned Housing Complex in Southeast  [Washington City Paper]  I can’t believe there was a totally empty abandoned housing complex in DC for the last several years, and no one turned it into a bohemian artists’ squat.  If this was Berlin, there would be white people with dreads and elaborate facial piercings living in every apartment, stairwell, and broom closet.

The City Has Narrowed It Down to Two Designs for a Revamped Dave Thomas Circle  [Greater Greater Washington]  I’m in favor of the one without the Wendy’s, solely because the last time I went there, they charged me for extra barbecue sauce for my chicken nuggets, and then didn’t even put it in the bag.

Big Data Says Urban Farming Is the Next Big Thing  [Citylab]  I actually had a big garden a couple years ago, and while it was definitely nice, it just wasn’t the same, coming home from the bar at 3AM, and saying, “ooh, let’s go pick a bunch of string beans from the backyard and stuff our faces.”

Real Estate Money Pours Into LimeBike  [Silicon Valley Business Journal]  *Puts on tinfoil hat*  Even a child can see that there’s no money in dockless bikeshares, these companies are clearly using the bikes as a trojan horse for GPS tracking of our movements.  *Takes off tinfoil hat*

Manhattan Townhouse Sells for a Record $90 Million  [New York Post]  It’s always Russians who are shelling out insane amounts of money for these luxury mansions, and then you find out they only live in them for like three weeks out of the year.  I need to start a housesitting service for Russian oligarchs.

You Can Rent Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood Cottage  [Architectural Digest]  If you stay here, just remember to respect the property.  Definitely do NOT put several packages of Jell-O in the top toilet tank to create a solid unremovable mass.


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