DC Gave a Top Secret Permit to Elon Musk’s Boring Company  [Greater Greater Washington]  It’s kinda sweet that the city government was going to try and surprise us with a finished Hyperloop like a parent surprising their eight year old with a fully assembled Lego Millennium Falcon.

Three Charts That Suggest the Spring Market in DC Is Going to Be Competitive  [Urban Turf DC]  If DC actually wins Amazon HQ2, you can change “competitive” to “prospective buyers will actually be hurling garbage bags full of cash through your windows in the middle of the night.”

The WeWork Manifesto: First, Office Space. Then, the World  [New York Times]  Uber is going to fill the streets with AI robot cars, dockless bikeshares are tracking our movements, and WeWork is using office space to “reshape society.”  Are all start-ups secretly sinister?  It almost makes you nostalgic for old-fashioned corporations that just wanted to strip-mine and pollute.

6 DC Homes Once Owned By US Presidents  [Curbed DC]  Woodrow Wilson’s architect was named Waddy Wood.  Is there ANY chance he didn’t hire him based on his initials?

Inside the World’s Strangest Micronations  [The Telegraph UK]  The moral of these bizarre stories is that the easiest way to create your own country isn’t to go to war or start issuing sovereign proclamations, but to just quietly do it and hope no one notices.

What Will Our Future with Driverless Cars Look Like?  [The Ringer]  Experts say they’ll be everywhere within six years, which struck me as impossible – and then I remembered that nine or ten years ago, no one had smartphones.

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