It Look Extremely Possible that Arlington Won Amazon’s HQ2  [ARL Now]  I maintain that the ideal scenario is that the actual Segway-riding, hoodie-wearing Amazon employees work outside of DC but then come here on the nights and weekends to firehose their cash all over town.

This Alaska Listing Is 75 Miles from the Nearest Road and Totally Self-Sufficient  [Newsfix]  What does it mean that the prepper who built this house is selling it?  That the end of the world is actually a lot farther away than he thought, or that it’s going to be so bad that a house in the woods isn’t going to make a bit of difference?

The Weird Bromance Between Blockchain and Real Estate  [Inc.]   Even people who find the law to be oppressive have to admit that a huge percentage of human progress only happened because people were trying to get around the law.

How AI Is Going to Transform Real Estate  [Real Deal Magazine]  Robots are doing showings, cryptocurrency contracts are automating foreclosures and purchases – if I was a real estate agent, I’d be praying for a solar flare to wipe out all our electronics.

The Turrets of New York, and the People Who Live In Them  [New York Magazine]  If you dreamed about living in a castle as a child – surprise, it’s actually possible!  But good luck explaining the concept of a mortgage to your inner child.

The NY Times Real Estate Section Isn’t Totally Honest  [Wonkette]  Thank the lord someone wrote this article.  Seems like I’m always reading about people with average jobs closing on incredible multi-million dollar homes overlooking parks.  I thought I was doing something wrong, but it’s just selective editing.  (Which is not to say that I’m not living totally wrong anyway.)



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