The Skyland Town Center Comeback Is Back On  [Washington Business Journal]  Remember when the District thought getting a bunch of Wal-Marts was going to make the city “totally legit”? That’s how I felt about my first tattoo.  It didn’t take long for me to start wishing the stupid thing would just go away, sort of like how there are probably city lawyers poring over the Wal-Mart contracts, looking for loopholes that’ll let them evict Wal-Mart and turn the buildings into Warby Parker superstores or something.

This Miami Beach Party House – Stripper Poles Included – Is Listed for $40 Million  [Wall Street Journal]  If you ever buy a house with stripper poles, and they throw in the furniture for free – get rid of that furniture.  Trust me.

This Egg-Shaped Tiny House Is Built for Off-the-Grid Living  [Hyperallergic]  Someone should found a start-up that sells vacations that involve a helicopter dropping you and one of these egg houses into the middle of the super-remote wilderness, and then pick you up later.  I would totally pay ten grand to live for a month in utter isolation, in a totally self-sufficient eco-hut, in the Alaskan outback.

People with the Least Money Tend to Live In the Least Energy-Efficient Buildings  [Citylab]  It’s true, what they say – being poor is expensive.

Will Scooter-Sharing Be the Next Bike-Sharing?  [WAMU]  Tolerance for riding bikes on the sidewalk has declined significantly in recent years;  it’s high time we figure out some new way to irritate pedestrians.  This is the beginning of my pro-scooter-sharing campaign.

The DC Streetcar Is Officially a Success  [Urban Turf DC]  I was skeptical, especially after the endlessly delayed launch, but I was wrong.  If there’s one thing the streetcar has proven, it’s that there’s a real appetite out there for unconventional methods of getting around town.  (Like scooter-sharing!)

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