The weekend is officially in full effect and we’re certain that most of you couldn’t be more excited. Now, I know what you’re thinking…

But Danni… we are literally being  pummeled with apocalyptic winds that can only be accurately equated with having the full Wrath of Zeus reign down upon the DMV…

Well, to that I say BAH-HUMBUG! You worked your butts off this week and you better get that butts out and about so you can let loose and have a little fun…gale force winds or not!

Trust me, I fully understand that the struggle to avoid being the neighborhood cat lady or cat man (is that even a thing?) is #real. But for the love of all that is holy, put down that kale and white bean soup recipe you’ve just been dying to perfect this weekend and get out and let your hair down.


You’re welcome. I’m thinking of becoming a life coach…

Here’s to the weekend hit list!

Partake in Existential Musings with…

Parallel Universe

ARTECHOUSE Is bringing you the last 3 days of a “hypnotic and multi-sensory experience” with their  newest exhibit “Parallel Universe”. I’m going to have to be pretty honest here —  this exhibition looks killer. I have been waiting to be legitimately wowed by a digital art exhibit in the district and it has yet to happen,  However this one looks extremely promising.

The exhibit draws inspiration from science mathematics and even astrology and features digital representations of nature and “reconstruction of space through new digital media”.

Did we mention there’s going to be whirling fractals and light beams to?

The exhibition runs from 10AM-5PM this weekend, with evening admission (21+) running from 5:30PM-11PM.

Tom Meyer’s Narrative Visions

Check out Addison/Ripley Fine Art  at 1670 Wisconsin Avenue and the district this weekend too see some awesome art by artist Tom Meyer. I personally love this guy’s work but anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for the organic/primitive/outsider art styles apparent in my undying love for Basquiat.

If you’re interested in attending the event,  it runs this weekend on Saturday from 5PM to 7PM.

Laugh so hard you can’t breathe with…

Guy Branum Standup

If you are a lover of all-things having to do with Chelsea Handler then chances are you are already more than 2 million with Guy Branum’s hilarious wit.

This guy hails from not just Chelsea Lately but MTV and E! And he’s written some hilarious content for G4, CurrentTV, Fashion Police and Punk’d.

On a more serious note he’s also a regular contributor  for the “Gay Voices”  section of the Huffington Post as well so he’s definitely got a few great ideas to spread awareness on and he manages to do it in a light-hearted and hilarious manner.

Lucky for you, he’ll  be hitting up Drafthouse comedy this Saturday from 7PM – 8:10PM.

Support a Good Cause at the …

Image may contain: 4 people

St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event

If you are looking to support a good cause this weekend then look no farther than Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant in DC.  this Sunday from 2PM – 5PM,  the restaurant will be celebrating their annual St. Baldrick’s Head shaving event  in an attempt to shed light on the fight against childhood cancer.

To support the children this volunteer-driven charity is being attended by adults who are shaving their heads in a show of solidarity with our young warriors.

Participants can help in many ways by either signing up as a “shavee”,  volunteering as a barber or raffle ticket collector, donating silent auction items and more.

This awesome company  has raised over $10 million for the cause and they are wildly looking forward to being able to reach $11 million this year.

14th Annual Brewer’s Ball

Today is the last day to get your tickets for the Annual Brewer’s Ball, as hoted by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This annual event has earned an awesome reputation as being the craft beer event of the season and host over 40 breweries and 30 popular restaurants in the area.

Enjoy some hand crafted brews & signature samplings from some of the best  restaurants in the area and mix and mingle with the community all while supporting an amazing cause.

The event is held tomorrow, Saturday March 3rd at 7PM at the National Building Museum and dress is cocktail attire.

Tickets are $150 with $80 being tax-deductible due to it being a charitable event.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Financial reserves and public support are used to help accelerate the organization’s efforts to find a cure for this terminal disease.

The foundation also helps fund the development of new therapies and work to help those diagnosed with cystic fibrosis to “ live full and productive lives”.

If you’re  interested in taking a look, their latest Annual Report and Financials are listed on the website for review.

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