DC’s Best Places for People-Watching, Mapped  [Curbed DC]  Is it just me, or does “people watching” sound sort of sinister in 2018?  It basically means you stare at strangers.  (I still do it though.)

Detroit Is Selling 24 Vacant Schools  [Curbed Detroit]  One of the schools for sale is a staggering 321,000 square feet!  Your dream of having an indoor jai alai court in your home might come true after all.

What $1 Million Gets You In Real Estate Markets Around the World  [CNBC]  According to this chart, Miami is cheaper than Berlin, which I flat out don’t believe.  Berlin is cold and full of empty warehouses filled with squatters, and Miami is warm and filled with Lamborghinis.

What Happens to All the Parking Spaces When Driverless Cars Arrive?  [Forbes]  According to experts, there are 500 million parking spaces in the US – almost 2 per person.  What’s going to happen to them all when no one owns a car anymore?  Hmmm, wouldn’t a container home fit perfectly in the average parking space?

White Flight Is Still Happening In America’s Suburbs  [Citylab]  They already fled the cities;  where are they going to go if they’re fleeing the suburbs?  The country?  Oh wait, the Midwest makes so much more sense now …

Sursum Corda Sells for $60 Million, Setting Stage for Massive Redevelopment  [Washington Business Journal]  I hope they at least keep the name, which you have to admit is pretty cool, although yeah, when you google it all the top results involve “open air drug markets” and murders.




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