The Real Estate Industry Is Saving Palm Springs’ Historic Mid-Century Modern Homes  [Architectural Digest]  Ugly things ALWAYS have second lives as reincarnated trends.  Wait, is that what they mean when they say a designer is ahead of their time?  (Further evidence:  tiny sunglasses are trendy again.)

DC Public Library Is Opening a Location in a Shipping Container  [Washington Business Journal]   This is the first and only time you’ll ever hear me mutter, “dang, I wish I lived in NoMa.”

The Long Commutes of DC Students  []  A ninety-minute commute to and from school is crazy, though I guess you could just do all your homework on the morning ride in.  Still, it just reinforces my slightly tinfoil-hat-ish belief that school, with its emphasis on punctuality, arbitrary deadlines, and busywork – and its conspicuous de-emphasis on critical thinking or dissent – is just training for cubicle life.

The Five Things We Learned at a Luxury Real Estate Conference  [Washingtonian]  “Vertical village” is kind of an annoying term, but at least it’s self-explanatory.  But why are gyms now universally called “fitness centers”?

Why Does Your Real Estate Agent Have a Nicer House Than You?  [The Real Deal]  Why does a DJ have a better record collection than you?  Why does a bartender have a better liquor shelf than you?  Duh.  Half the reason to become a real estate agent is to be able to poach all the great listings before they get to the masses.

House Hunting In Mexico  [The New York Times]  Mexico is my destination country in the event that the United States has a catastrophic social or political meltdown.   After looking at the insanely cheap prices in this article, I’m now actively rooting for unrest.

The Unbearable Sadness of Amazon Go’s Automated Supermarket  [Citylab]  The creepiest part of these Amazon grocery stores, for me, is that there are laser cameras tracking the movements of every single item in the place, from shelf to your bag to the door.  I really genuinely don’t shoplift at the supermarket, but I like to have the option.


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