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Another day, another development taking shape in the streets of DC. So many projects that have been humming along in the background for some time now are finally (almost) ready to make their debuts. One of the most striking and exciting developments that’s just about ready to hit the DC scene is Columbia Place. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because of how long the papers have been penning about this place and the wheels have been turning on this idea, it would seem it already exists. But no –– in fact, Columbia Place is just coming into its own.

Looking at the big picture of Columbia Place, it seems simple – it’s a combination of a hotel and an apartment building that will be situated on 901 L Street NW, right in the midst of DC’s Shaw Historic District neighborhood. From the start of this undertaking though, there have been boxes to tick and hurdles to jump. Most of the delays are a result of the project’s need to demolish two buildings, alter seven nearby buildings, and renovate a historic apartment building. Any time buildings are eliminated, or previous work is touched, of course, that means more levels of approval, grievances from the community to overcome, and a longer list of “to-dos” in general.

The project is a venture of Cooper Carry , the architect of record, Crestline Hotels & Resorts, and tvsdesign, and all in all will total as a $230 million dollar investment. Upon completion, the building will result in 357 Courtyard by Marriott rooms, 147 Residence Inn rooms, and 203 apartments. Foreseeing the need for parking, the project is equipping the development with two levels of underground parking. Also, the Lurgan, which is a historic apartment building on L street, will also be renovated and reopened. The design also calls for a home from the civil war era to be relocated by 30 feet in order to maximize the design’s potential. In addition to the hospitality and residential space, Cooper Carry has promised that 3,000 square feet of the ground floor will be dedicated to retail space within town-home- like structures.

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The building is likely to serve the neighborhood well, as it will be located near the Washington DC Convention Center and right in the middle of the city’s Central Business District, where there is a continuously evolving need for both places to live and places for visitors to stay. According to a PR release last year from Crestline Hotels & Resorts, the hotels will offer a shared space of around 10,000 SF that will cater to business travelers with space including meeting rooms, board rooms, and three “hospitality sweets.” Beyond that, the hotels will share a fitness facility and a full-service restaurant. The Residence Inn by Marriott will also offer a 4,000 SF outdoor rooftop terrace available for special events. Speaking to what the space will mean for the area, James Carroll, President & CEO of Crestline Hotels & Resorts, says:

“We are thrilled to be part of this significant undertaking, which is one of the most exciting new redevelopment projects in the nation’s capital. Located just steps from the DC Convention Center, these two hotels will provide comfortable upscale accommodations and amenities for business and leisure travelers.”

The project is supposedly aiming for a completion in Q3 of this year, meaning travelers can have their sights set on staying there hopefully sometime starting between July and September.


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