DC Council Will Probably Add Significant Exemptions to TOPA  [Washington City Paper]  If you make single-family homes exempt from TOPA, what’s the point of having TOPA?  Also, let’s note that this bill was only written in response to a series of heavily sensationalized tabloid journalism stories aimed at bored grandmas.

This Six Story Pop-Up Just Listed for $3 Million  [Curbed DC]  In the section of the listing where they list all the house’s features (i.e. stainless steel appliances, a soaking tub, etc.), they should include, “the eternal undying hatred of all the neighbors.”

Buy Shares of This Brooklyn Building with Online Tokens  [CNBC]  This is the sort of thing I’d normally roll my eyes at, except that lately all my friends have been getting rich off things (bitcoin, Twitter bots) I rolled my eyes at like ten years ago.

A Pedestrian Was Killed by a Self-Driving Car. Now What?  [Citylab]  I mean, I’m still 100% in favor of self-driving cars – if only because I hate driving – but maybe beta-testing high-speed, two-ton Roombas on public streets wasn’t the most well thought out idea of all time.

Here’s How the Suburbs Adapt to the Future  [Urban Land]  But if you make suburbs dense and walkable, they won’t be suburbs anymore.  They’ll be the city.

Is the Georgetown Gondola Worth It?  [Greater Greater Washington]   Thing is, the Georgetown gondola is as much about DC’s image as an innovative young city with money to burn as it is about practical transportation.  They should measure its success by social media mentions, not ridership.


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