4 Radical Ideas to Fix Our Housing System  [Fast Company]  The fact that all of these ideas to dramatically reduce our housing costs also require you to work with other people (they all have “cooperative” or “community” etc. in the title) makes me think that high housing costs are just the price America is willing to pay to not have to talk to their neighbors.

DC-to-Baltimore Hyperloop Route Revealed  [Urban Turf DC]  If they actually build this, and travel between the two cities only takes 15 minutes, Baltimore is going to be the new Silver Spring.  (That is probably not a good thing for Baltimore.)

The DC Housing Authority Is a Big Mess  [Washington City Paper]  If the Housing Authority doesn’t get their stuff together, big money is going to snap up all the property in the city before the city can establish enough affordable housing.  (Or *puts on tinfoil hat* is that the plan?!)

This One-Year-Old City Might Just Steal Amazon’s HQ2  [Citylab]  Part of this city’s pitch was that Amazon could rename the city anything they wanted – i.e. a city named “Amazon.”  That’s as pathetic as the guy at one of my former jobs who named his kid after the company founder.  (He did get several promotions out of it though.)

Elon Musk to Sell Lego-Like Blocks to Build Full-Sized Houses  [Housing Wire]  As the saying goes, there’s a fine line between “genius”  and “an eight year old.”

The Sad Story of the Makoko Floating School  [Arch Daily]  I feel like this architect built the floating school on a drunken dare and then he was stuck with it after it went viral.



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