The House the FBI Used to Spy On Russia Is Being Turned Into a Retirement Home  [Curbed DC]  Ohhh, so the house that the FBI used to spy on the Russian embassy throughout the Cold War is being shut down and turned into something totally unrelated to spying?  Right when tensions with Russia are ramping up again?  I hope the FBI sent “Thank You” fruit baskets to everyone who ran this story.

Augmented Reality Is Coming for the Real Estate Industry  [Bloomberg]  I’m usually pretty pessimistic about the effects of technology – I genuinely believe that the government is going to have to start paying out a Universal Basic Income to offset the effects of automation, or we’re looking at a real-life “Mad Max” – but I don’t really see how superimposing puppy ears onto your agent is going to “disrupt” things.

The Sexiest Pitch-Black Home Furnishings  [Architizer]  I desperately want this pitch-black bathtub.  Also, I would’ve loved ALL of these black home furnishings between the ages of like 15-17.

Woman Suing Property Management Company for Digging Up Her Dead Cat  [Washington City Paper]  Welp, we have a new contender for “worst landlord of all time.”

Being Pregnant In DC’s “Maternity Desert”  [The Atlantic]  If Amazon decides to build HQ2 here, we should wait until they have all their stuff packed and then be like, “oh yeah, we forgot to write it into the contract but you also have to build two hospitals in Southeast if you want to come here.”  It’ll be too late for them to back out.  Now that’s “The Art of the Deal”!


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