Minnesota Almost Built a $10 Billion Experimental Domed City  [Smithsonian]  This would’ve been so cool in the Seventies;  updated with 2018 technology, it would be amazing.  Amazon should build one of these domed cities for their HQ2.

In the World’s First 3D-Printed Town, Houses Cost $4K and Will Be Printed In 24 Hours  [Arch Daily]  I know just enough about economics that I’m pretty sure there are people who read that headline and are like, “cheap, accessible housing will ruin our profits, we have to stop this from happening!”  But I’m just enough of a liberal arts major that I have no idea who those people might be.

Cash-for-Visas EB-5 Investors Got Ripped Off In California  [The Real Deal]  A straight up cash-for-citizenship swap?  Foreign citizens with basically zero legal standing in the US?  It’s like the government said,  “international con artists have it too hard, let’s streamline the process for them.”

These DC Apartment Buildings Let You Look Into Nats Games From Your Roof  [Urban Turf DC]  Live here if you want to be 200% more popular between April and September!

There’s a Reason They Don’t Put the Price of Luxury Homes In the Listing  [Wall Street Journal]  A good definition of “rich” is “having enough money that you can afford to not care if you’re being ripped off.”

Is “North End Shaw” Over?  [Greater Greater Washington]  It’s probably not “over,” but it developed way too fast.  Just a few years ago, 9th and Florida was a vacant lot that hosted a flea market where I bought remaindered fruit for pennies a pound.  You can’t go from that to a Warby Parker store in eighteen months.


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