This Startup Lets Neighbors Pool Money and Invest In Their Communities  [Fast Company]  I’m sure this is a wonderful company, but this was one of the most devastating observations of the week.

For Many Black Washingtonians, Gentrification Threatens Housing and Health  [Washington Informer]  I wouldn’t have thought gentrification would affect your health until I got priced out of my place, and apartment hunting was so stressful that I couldn’t sleep for more than four hours a night for like six months.

Martin Lawrence’s Luxury Maryland Farm Is On the Market  [Washington Business Journal]  Whew, Martin’s going to make almost 700% profit in a decade-and-a-half.  I still have a soft spot for him, since my Korean mom learned most of her English from watching “Martin” reruns and, to this day, still sprinkles his late 90s catchphrases into conversation.

Can Legislation Lower High Housing Prices?  [Pacific Standard]  “Yes.” – Vladimir Lenin

Touring All the Vacated Manhattan Properties Owned By Disgraced Men  [Vanity Fair]  Matt Lauer and Bernie Madoff used to live in the same building!  I’m convinced this means something.

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