Okay, so maybe it’s not necessarily summer as of yet — but a girl can dream can’t she!? Plus that GIF of Stewie from Family Guy just made me chuckle so I had to choose it for this despite it’s fairly loose relevence.

Trust me, you’re happy. You know you like it!

Alas — I digress, the spring/summer hybrid is officially in full swing. I know this because I put on my parka to go outside to walk my dog and was met with a bunch of hipsters dressed in shorts, boat shoes and Raybans.

Needless to say I immediately regressed back into my dark lair of writer solitude.

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So, I digress — the weekend is in full effect and obviously you’re tired of seeing Cherry Blossom events around every corner.

So, I’m here to mix it up a bit and give you a hip and hot weekend hitlist full of all of the art/science/activism lovelust you can fathom.


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Free Filmmaking Workshop

Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Saturday, 1PM-5:30PM

Doth mine eyes deceive me!? Can it be true!? A FREE filmmaking course?!?! I’m not sure if anyone here is as much as a nerdy film buff as I am but the opportunity to attend a free filmmaking seminar on Georgetown’s campus is pretty much like…the highlight of my year.

I know so many people who would absolutely love this that I literally want to shout it from the rooftops! So, if you’ve ever been interested in filmmaking, are an amateur filmmaker/photographer or have a background in the industry, then this is definitely an awesome little weekend treat.

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5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo

Saturday – Sunday

801 Mt. Vernon Pl, NW

So this event is kind of awesome, especially for those of us with little rascals. Or — you could just be a super awesome aunt/uncle and take your neices/nephews, pump em’ full of sugar and space magic and then just chuck em’ back off to mom and dad when you’re finished. PS — This is kind of like the mode of operation for my life as an aunt — but if my brothers ever did this to me it would be full on war.

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Cherry Blossom Fireworks Cruise

The Washington Harbour

Saturday, 7:30PM

Okay, I know that I reeled you in with a little teaser about how tired you are of seeing all the cherry blossom events going on in DC. I mean seriously, we get like a lifetime’s worth in the span of about 2 months. But they are pretty awesome and this fireworks cruise definitely seems like an event you wouldn’t want to miss (especially now that it’s getting all warm and toasty out!)

Go on — throw on your favorite pair of board shorts (if you’re a dude) or you’re favorite set of high waisted shorts and oversized blouse (it’s so chic) if you’re a girl and get your behind out there and experience the beauty that is life!

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Wes Anderson Retrospective

National Museum of American History

Saturday, 6PM

So tomorrow from 6PM to 10PM the Smithsonian Theaters is hosting a Wes Anderson retrospective at the National Museum of American History and it’s going to be amazing.  How do I know, you ask? Because Wes Anderson is a film god, okay!?

I mean have you actually ever seen the Royal Tenenbaums?! Moonrise Kingdom!? The Grand Budapest Hotel!? The Fantastic Mr. Fox!?!??!?!

Okay, I apologize, let me calm myself for a moment. This guy is pretty much going to go down in history as one of the best filmmakers of our generation and so you should totally check it out.

His films are heralded for their very distinct visual and narrative styles — you can pretty much spot a Wes Anderson film from a mile away kinda thing.

Annddd considering the fact that The Grand Budapest Hotel made the list as one of the greatest films of the 21st century to date courtesy of BBC, you’ll probably want to at least take a little gander and see why.

Following in the Footsteps of Suffragists

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument

Sunday 10AM-11:30AM

If you’re one of the many people out there who enjoy feeling as if they’ve contributed to or been a part of something grand in history then this event is definitely going to be one for you to check out.

This seminal march will start at Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument and end at Lafayette Square where the suffragists both planned and picketed in front of the White House.

This awesome event is going to be hosted by Atlas Obscura Society DC and author/historian/journalist Rebecca Boggs Roberts, who recently released a book about this special event.

Also good to note is that it’s totally kid/family friendly, will entail about a mile and a half of walking and the event is accessible via the Metro (about a 10 minute walk away).


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