The 15 Best “It’s Free Real Estate” Memes  [Inverse]  I always say it’s weird that, considering how important “real estate” is, as a concept, in the adult mind, there are no movies or books about real estate.  So I guess I better acknowledge when there’s a real estate-related cultural happening, even if it’s just a meme.  (My favorite is either the Chrome one, or the one where the person just tweeted the words, “it’s free real estate.”)

This Suburb Is Wooing Millennials with Avocados, Kombucha, and Cheap Housing  [Citylab]  I always say that if you think of something that is so uncool that it will never ever come back and be cool again, that’s probably the next thing that’s going to become cool.  And I truly and passionately believe that suburbs are so uncool that they couldn’t possibly ever be cool.  So …

A Miami Real Estate Developer Readies for Flying Cars  [Wall Street Journal]  This guy is either a visionary genius, or he got really high one night and saw “The Jetsons” on cable.

Real Estate Agent Showing Home Stumbles On a Bobcat-Rattlesnake Duel to the Death  [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]   I really just wanted to type that headline.  (Also – yes, there’s video.)

McMillan Development Gets Key Approval to Proceed  [Bisnow]  This project will never die.  North Korea could hit DC with 35 nukes and when the smoke cleared, the first thing you’d see is a press release about the latest McMillan developments.

This Artist Turns Abandoned Manholes Into Tiny Rooms  [Mental Floss]  They might be art projects, but you could rent those out right now, today, for $750 a month.

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