This Derelict, Fire-Ravaged Silicon Valley House Is Listed at $800,000  [Fortune]  I’d love to buy a house like this just so I could brag to all my friends that I’d just bought my dream home for a million dollars, and then after building up their expectations, I’d show them photos of smoking ruins in the middle of an overgrown lot.

DC Council Exempts Single-Family Homes from TOPA  [Urban Turf DC]  The weird thing about this bill is that no one was really clamoring for the Council to change TOPA.  So why’d they decide to do it now?

This Treehouse In Belize Will Cost You $1.5 Million  [New York Times]  It’s a literal treehouse!  In the middle of nowhere!  And it costs $1.5 million!  (I’m going to rent my whole life, aren’t I?)

A House You Can Buy But Never Own  [Citylab]  Imagine if that ripoff company “Columbia House Records” started selling houses – and seemingly only to one particular group of people.  Shameful.

Trump Tower Condos Are Losing Value Unusually Fast  [The Hill]  If I bought a luxury condo, and then owner of the building became president and had to turn the entrance of the building into a heavily-guarded Baghdad-style security checkpoint, I would sue SO FAST.  I bet even if you zip out for a pint of ice cream, you still have to go through pat-down and screening when you come back.

This Documentary About the Chinese Real Estate Market Will Blow Your Mind  [The Stranger]   I just realized why we have such a testy relationship with China – we’re exactly alike!

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