Building a House with an IKEA-Style Self-Assembly Kit  [USA Today]  You know how putting together an IKEA sofa seems like a fun challenge at the beginning and then, three hours later, you’re offering your roommate a hundred dollars to do the rest for you?  Building a DIY house is like that, except the parts take up 35 pallets (!) and it takes months to assemble.  I had to take half a Xanax after just typing that.

$2 Billion Fund Bets Big That Amazon’s HQ2 Is Going to Be in Crystal City  [Bloomberg]  If you think this “bet” is the result of “speculation” and “research” and not “rich guys giving each other insider information on the golf course,” well, I guess you’re less cynical than me.

Disney Is Secretly a Real Estate Company  [Forbes]  You can literally live in Disney World now.  (Why would you want to literally live in Disney World?)

McMillan Development Delayed Again  [Bisnow]  This project is more off-and-on than my college relationship.

Can the Housing Crisis Be Fixed?  [Citylab]  One of the suggestion this article makes to help solve the housing crisis is to “increase protections for renters.”  Keep in mind that DC just weakened TOPA, its main law that protects renters.  We’re all going to be spending 150% of our monthly income on rent.

Franklin Park Is Getting Redone Next Year  [Washington Business Journal]  Call me a contrarian, but I think Franklin Park is fine.  I mean, it’s a big boring rectangle of grass, but isn’t that what a park is?  One of these articles says Franklin Park sucks because it doesn’t have enough access to ground-floor retail.  Uh … it’s a park?

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