Bitcoin Miners Are Reshaping the Real Estate Market In this Washington Town  [Mansion Global]  It’s just like the previous gold rush, only now, instead of salty old miners with long beards and dusty hats, it’s pasty IT administrators who wear leather trenchcoats and are like, “you only use two monitors?  Oh man, I could never go back to fewer than five.”

These Five Resorts Are Eco-Friendly and Luxurious  [Architectural Digest]  The last eco-friendly vacation house I stayed in had a foot-wide gap between the top of the walls and the roof, and after dark my laptop was surrounded by every insect within a three mile radius.  I don’t need luxury, but walls that meet the roof would be nice.

10 Great DC Starter Homes, Mapped  [Curbed DC]  Like any of these houses?  Too bad, they all went under contract within an hour of this article being published.

This Crystal City Parking Garage Hosts “Anything Goes” Bike Races After Hours  [Citylab]  A concrete, square-shaped parking garage support pillar would be the absolute worst thing in the world to run into on a bike.

Clearing Up Some Myths About the Georgetown Gondola Project  [Greater Greater Washington]  I love the gondola as a concept, but I’m skeptical that people in Rosslyn actually want to travel to Georgetown, or vice versa.  Why not put a gondola down 16th street, from Columbia Heights to U Street?

Somebody Bought the Famous Picnic Basket-Shaped Office Building  [Mental Floss]  It really only does take one sucker …

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