Climate Change Is Already Depressing the Value of Flood-Prone Real Estate  [Fortune]  “Climate change isn’t real!” – The sellers of flood-prone real estate.

The Case for Preserving Mobile Homes  [Citylab]  I have to admit, it’s a little strange that tiny houses are so in vogue, but mobile homes aren’t.  Especially considering that trucker hats, bourbon, and Realtree camo are also all in fashion.

Farmer’s Markets In DC, Mapped  [Curbed DC]  Summer’s coming, which means it’s time to panic-binge on kale and blueberries after a long winter of triple-decker grilled cheese sandwiches and eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon.

Who Has a Right to the City, the Anacostia Museum Asks  [WAMU]  The upside to museums is that you get to learn about history.  The downside is that history is almost always depressing.

Now’s Your Chance to Live In a Literal Shed  [Popville]  I was totally into this until I saw the photo of the bathroom.  Also, at first glance, I thought it was a rental for $3100/month (it’s actually for sale for $3100), and I was like, “that sounds pretty reasonable, for a freestanding home with no roommates.”   Next time someone asks you how hot the DC market is, just tell them that three grand a month to live in a shed sounds reasonable.

Co-Working Spaces Are Gobbling Up Huge Swaths of Real Estate  [New York Post]  Coworking space monthly fees are the new “business class” airline tickets – no one would ever pay those prices out of their own pocket, but if you can charge it to the company, why not?

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