Can Cities Make Us Better Citizens?  [The New Yorker]  If the philosophical definition of a city is “a human settlement where strangers are likely to meet,” isn’t it weird that our number one goal in everyday life is to please lord not have to interact with the vast majority of the people we encounter?

A Look Inside Jeff Bezos’ $23 Million DC Mansion  [Washingtonian]  Every ambitious burglar in the tri-state area just right-clicked all these plans.

If Amazon Chooses DC, Your Rent May Only Go Up $138  [Urban Turf DC]  If Amazon puts its new headquarters in DC, they should give us all free Amazon Prime, to make up for the rent increase and general inconvenience.  I’m serious about this.  Someone start the petition on

You Could Own This Idyllic Texas Bed & Breakfast  [Country Living]  I don’t call them “bed & breakfasts,” I just call them “beds,” because in the morning, I’m always like, “wait, I’d rather just drive to the airport hungry than sit around a breakfast table with a bunch of strangers who probably heard my sex noises last night.”

Chinese-Speaking Butler Robots Are Headed to US Real Estate Offices  [Inman]  So does the robot get the commission if it makes a sale?  Just go out and buy Rosetta Stone, unless you hate money.

Can the Watergate Complex Be Relevant to a New Generation?  [Curbed Longform]  I once went into the Watergate looking for a post office and saw James Earl Jones.  I did NOT ask him to do the Darth Vader voice, but I seriously considered it.  That’s my Watergate story.


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