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With the cool startup frenzy of the last few years, I keep imagining a world where entrepreneurs have run out of unique business ideas. Thankfully, that’s not the kind of world we live in. Instead, I am constantly amazed by the perseverance of good ideas –– not to mention the ability to dream them up in the first place. As I’ve explored during various points in this series, DC has an impressive amount of startup seeds that are working hard to grow and flourish in our city and beyond. Today, I want to dive deeper into a startup called Super.

Super isn’t a one-city startup. They’re actually based out of San Francisco, but do have some employees located in the DC area, including company heavy hitters such as one Co-Founder, the Director of Business Development, some Account Executives, and more. So, it’s safe to say they have a stake in DC’s innovation scene. Not to mention, their services are only available in some cities (with DC being one of them).

For homeowners, or those who are considering purchasing a home but are scared of the maintenance costs, this startup is Super relevant (pun intended). Super sums up their services as “subscription care for your home,” and basically, that’s the gist of it. In a nutshell, Super is like an insurance plan for your home repair needs. Homeowners pay a subscription fee per month, and then, when maintenance or repair needs arise, customers can alert Super via phone, online, or on their mobile app. Then, they help coordinate the best service providers possible at a time that’s convenient, and repair any appliances you have covered through your subscription base. Some bullet points of the benefits, as laid out by their website…

  • Make expenses predictable through a monthly or yearly fee
  • Enjoy greater buying power with better pricing and availability through Super’s relationships with service providers
  • Simplify with one source for services
  • Prevent problems from happening with pre-planned maitnence work
  • Receive best-in-class-service through carefully selected providers
  • Have one home record and keep accessible knowledge to the work that’s been done on your home

As far as pricing goes, Super is pretty straightforward. An appliance plan, which covers the breakdown of most major appliances will run you $20/monthly, with a $75 co-pay on repairs. A whole home plan covers most appliances and systems, plus includes a maintenance walk, and will cost you $60/month (with the same $75 co-pay for repairs). Beyond that there is a “Premium Home Plan” that is $90/month and covers breakdowns of major appliances and systems for larger, more expansive dwellings. The main appliances covered over these plans are built-in microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwasher, ovens/range tops, and refrigerators. In the pricier plans, home systems such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are included.

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In addition to as-needed repairs, Super helps homeowners stay on top of home maintenance, which can easily fall to the wayside for many. This includes reminders to change the air filters, check fire extinguishers, clean gutters, inspect service heating and cooling systems, clean the dryer exhaust pipe, drain hot water heaters, clean cooling fans, and more. Currently, a Super subscription is accessible to homeowners living in Washington DC, Chicago, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix.

Obviously, when buying any sort of plan that’s set up like Super, it’s wise to ask what, precisely, the limits of coverage are. Of course, Super has in-depth answers to many questions on their FAQ page, including that one. In summary, though, claims are limited by respective plan to $15,000 (Appliance Plan), $50,000 (Whole Home Plan), and $100,000 (Premium Home Plan).

So, if you’re constantly sitting on your couch perfecting your side eye game, glancing over to every corner and wondering what you will have to spend your money on next to keep your home up-to-date with repairs, perhaps a service like Super could offer some peace of mind. Here’s to the Super way: Owning like a renter…

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