How to Correctly Build and Design a Kitchen  [Arch Daily]  I wish my parents would’ve read this before putting in a marble island that’s so large, you can’t even turn sideways when you’re standing between the island and the counter.

Empty Alexandria Office Building to Become Hundreds of Apartments  [Washington Post]  I’ve always said that office buildings have the best location and light, huge open floor plans, floor to ceiling windows, and a beige-and-white minimalist aesthetic that’s actually in vogue right now.  I would totally live in an office.

You Can Now Get Noise-Canceling Windows for Your Home  [Digital Trends]  This could be just as transformative as self-driving cars, but without the 0.1% chance of a software bug sending you into head-on traffic at 140 miles per hour.

Building Occupants Win Lawsuit to Change Name of Building  [NPR]  This particular lawsuit was about a Trump-branded building, but I’ve always wondered what your options are if you really really hate the name of your building.  I would definitely pony up for a lawyer if I had to live in a building that had some weird focus-grouped made-up name a la “Dasani Towers.”  (Honestly though, I would just sneak out at night and take the sign down myself.)

Should We Put a Bike Rack On Every Corner In DC?  [Greater Greater Washington]  DC’s gotten much better about bike parking in the past few years, but I feel like there are still two bikes for every spot.  Anytime I go out on the weekend, I end up having to lock my bike up two blocks from the bar, and possibly to a tree.

Kanye Is Going to Build a Real Estate Development  [Bisnow]  Kanye has come out these past couple weeks as a Trump supporter, a purveyor of sinister revisionist historical theories, and an aspiring real estate developer.  All that’s left for him to do is to tear away his mask and reveal himself as my high school girlfriend’s dad.

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