This Billionaire Is Selling His Beverly Hills Estate for $165 Million  [Yolanda’s Little Black Book]  Just looking at photos of these billionaire estates makes me tired.  If you went out to the pool and realized you left your sunglasses upstairs in your bedroom, we’re talking about a literal half-mile walk, each way, to get them.  I guess that’s what Segways are for?

DC Alley Dwellers Want More Trees and Streetlights  [Urban Turf DC]  So basically, they don’t want to live in an alley.

For $70K, You Can Own a Small Patch of Grass In Adams Morgan  [Washingtonian]  I looked at this photo and thought, “That’s a pretty good deal!”  The DC real estate market has given me Stockholm Syndrome.

Why Would You Pay All Cash for a Golf Course (Or Any Other Real Estate Project)?  [Slate]  It’s crazy that real estate transactions are exempt from the anti-money laundering checks that I had to pass just to buy bitcoin.  The more I read about how easy it is to launder money, the more I think that society doesn’t actually want to discourage it.  It’s like when the Corleones wanted to get the family business out of the underworld in “The Godfather” – it’s not money laundering, it’s “going legit.”

It’s DC Versus the Suburbs In the Fight for Amazon’s HQ2  [WAMU]  The District will have a full-blown identity crisis if Amazon picks Virginia or Maryland over DC.  It would be like when the prince picked Cinderella over the rich stepsisters.

The Case for DC’s Low Skyline  [Citylab]  Skyscrapers are tall, but they are also often quite boring.

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