Single Women Buy More Real Estate Than Single Men  [Washington Post]  The subtext of this headline – and something I’m sure we can all agree on – is that single men waste their money on absolute garbage.  Just from this chair, I can see at least three “As Seen On TV” products I impulse-bought late at night with money I should’ve saved for a down payment.

City Council Passes Bill Voiding Covenants Banning Grocery Stores  [Washington City Paper]  Food deserts have real effects.  When the Giant in Shaw by my house closed down for a couple years, I immediately gained like eight pounds from eating like ten meals a week from 7-11.

That Burned-Out Shell In Silicon Valley Sold for Well Above Ask  [Business Insider]  Burned-out shacks are selling for a million dollars, and you can’t even get a date.

Uber Flying Taxi Skyports Could Be Coming to Your City  [Arch Daily]  Lazy complainers are going to have a severe crisis in a few years, when they can no longer say, “yeah, we were supposed to have flying cars by now, too.”

Rents Increase When College Graduates Settle In a Neighborhood  [Citylab]   Aren’t college grads broke, though?  I guess it’s true – being poor is expensive.

Real Estate Agent Caught Sleeping In House About to Be Auctioned  [South China Morning Post]  Isn’t the main perk of being a real estate agent being able to sleep in the empty houses you’re selling?  (I would be the worst real estate agent.)

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