These Chinese Cave Dwellers Refuse to Move Into Normal Houses  [New York Times]  I would probably live in one of these caves, as long as I could get wifi installed.

Who Has More of a Right to DC’s Sidewalks – Bicyclists or Walkers?  [WAMU]  I ride my bike on the sidewalk pretty often, but I’m constantly amazed at the fact that it’s legal.  It’s like if a city accidentally made bank robbing legal or something.  Or maybe it’s just the city’s implicit acknowledgement that DC drivers are terrible.

This Sicilian Immigrant Designed the World’s Most Valuable Apartments  [Architectural Digest]  He was so confident in his abilities that he put a velvet rope around his desk so his colleagues wouldn’t steal his ideas.  I may steal this idea.

The Walter Reed Redevelopment’s Green Spaces Are Going to Be Pretty Fancy  [Urban Turf DC]  If we’ve truly entered the era of former government installations being turned into private luxury real estate, it’s only a matter of time before we’re settling into our micro-units in the Capitol dome.

What the Future of Affordable Housing Looks Like  [Citylab]  *A photo of your parents’ basement*

Polished Concrete Is the New Marble  [Arch Daily]  I’m no mineralogist, but isn’t marble just polished concrete?  Wait, isn’t every gem, metal, and mineral just polished concrete?

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