Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Train  [Architectural Digest]  It costs three grand for two days on this obsolete mode of transportation.  For a tenth of that, I’ll drive you around in my uncle’s 1990 Ford Taurus.

This Loophole In DC’s Rent Control Law Is Costing Tenants Millions  [Washington City Paper]  I never realized how the “rent concessions” scam worked, but after reading this article, I kind of wish I lived in one of these landlords’ buildings, so I could put quick-dry cement in all the washing machines the day I moved out.

Apple Might Open a Huge Campus In Northern Virginia  [Washington Post]  If we don’t get HQ2, this would be a consolation prize that might be better than the original prize.  It’d be like blowing a job interview and then finding a briefcase full of cash on the train.

The First Home of Chevy Chase Has Hit the Market for $25.9 Million  [Urban Turf DC] This house is named “Ishpiming.”  They shouldn’t even list a price for houses that have names, because the only people who can afford houses who have names are people who have enough money that they never look at prices anyway.

Real Estate Investors Are Buying Land Along North Korea’s Borders  [Quartz]  My mom’s family owned a genuinely modest amount of Korean real estate, and none of them have ever had a real job for their entire adult lives.  What I’m saying is that I’m going to look into this.

Insane Photos of Georgia’s Soviet Architecture  [Arch Daily]  Looking at photos of Soviet architecture makes me wonder if we actually lost the Cold War and are just fooling ourselves.

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