Is DC Big Enough for Two Tech Giants?  [Citylab]  Amidst all this excitement about tax bases and jobs, I think it’s important to keep in mind what it’s like on the street when your city is flooded with tech geeks.  Seattle went from the grunge capital of the world to an open air “Star Trek” convention basically overnight.

How Weak Laws and Lax Regulation Ruined NYC’s Housing Market  [New York Times]  Our system in DC isn’t perfect, but it’s worlds better than New York’s nightmare market – for now.  If we let the City Council keep unraveling TOPA, it might not be long before we’re all paying a “broker” two months rent to find us an unadvertised place (they’re all going to be unadvertised) the week before our present lease is up.

DC’s Breakeven Horizon for Homeowners Is Now Less Than Three Years  [Urban Turf DC]  Three years is nothing!  I have perfectly edible condiments in my refrigerator that are three years old.

The Weird World of Electric Scooter Bounty Hunters  [The Atlantic]  “Driving around in a van, competitively tracking down and charging communal electric scooters” is like the most boring dystopian YA novel ever.

This DC Neighborhood Was Just Designated a Historic District Against the Neighborhood’s Wishes  [Greater Greater Washington]  I didn’t realize that historic districts are used to pump up property values and tax revenue, though now that I think about it, what else could they possibly be for?

Notorious DC Slumlord Sued By Tenants (Again)  [Washington City Paper]  Sanford is getting sued by their tenants even when they get rid of their buildings.  That’s like tearing up the divorce papers from the spouse you hate just to make their life more miserable.

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