Judge Rules Florida Landlord Owes $1.8 Million to Rehab Columbia Heights Building  [Washington City Paper]  I think I speak for all tenants who’ve had to deal with unresponsive, absentee landlords when I say, “ha ha!”

What Surfers Understand About Gentrification  [Citylab]  I watched “Point Break” on late night cable the other week, and there’s that part where Keanu Reeves goes to a new beach and the regulars who already surf there immediately beat him up.  Is this what they understand about gentrification?

Luxury Real Estate Comes to Chinatowns Across the US  [Wall Street Journal]  When my Chinese friend moved to New York several years ago, I was like, “good luck finding a cheap apartment!”  He got a nice, affordable one bedroom within a day – an unadvertised Chinatown apartment that the Chinese owner only rented to Chinese people.  I’ve often thought about this incident when people wonder how Chinatowns managed to stay together for so long.

This Off-Road Luxury Camper Can Stay Off the Grid for Weeks  [Curbed]  In 2018, staying off the grid for weeks would mean you’d miss like 6 normal years worth of news.  Sign me up.

Woman Discovers She’s Been Paying Real Estate Taxes On Storage Bin for Years  [CBS Sacramento]  In Tokyo, a storage bin IS real estate.

You Could Own Richard Nixon’s “Western White House”  [Los Angeles Times]  It would be cool to own an alternate White House, even if it was used by the most disgraced president ever.  It might actually be cooler than owning a regular, non-disgraced alternate White House.

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