One of DC’s True Lofts Hits the Market  [Urban Turf DC]  The difference between a real loft and a “loft-style” apartment is like the difference between Oreos and Olios.

Canada Wants to Tax Its Hottest Real Estate Market Into Submission  [New York Times]  You know those ideas you get at 3:30 in the morning, when you’re drunk, and you’re like, “dude, wouldn’t it be crazy if _________?  Why wouldn’t that work?”  Canada is the country where the government actually tries those ideas.

DC Evictions Are Down – Are High Rents the Cause?  [Urban Institute]  I really hope my landlord doesn’t read this headline.  It’ll be like when my mom reads another “wine is actually good for you!” article and then glugs another half-bottle of rose.

Baltimore’s Little-Known Urban Utopia  [Citylab]  You always know when you’ve wandered into one of these self-contained intentional communities because people on the sidewalk start saying hello to you, but in that “convince me not to call the police on you” way.

The ‘For Sale’ Sign That Traveled Around the World  [Atlas Obscura]  This sign started off in New Jersey, went to France, went back to New Jersey, and was like, “nah, I prefer France,” and went back to France.  Understandable!

This Real Estate Agent Was Fined by the City for Putting Up Too Many Open House Signs  [OC Register]  If they try to outlaw “Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie” aerosol spray, we may have a full-blown “War on Real Estate Agents” on our hands.

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