Real Estate Values Jump In Chinese City Bordering North Korea  [NPR]  On one hand, there are a million reasons why North Korea won’t normalize and open up, but on the other hand, it’s an entire country that’s somehow gone completely untouched by capitalism.  The powers that be REALLY want North Korea to open up.  The monument above is going to be a great site for a combination Spencer’s Gifts/T-Mobile store.

Japanese Photos of a Family’s Life In a One Room Home  [The New Yorker]  Man, is it dusty in here?  I think I have dust in my eye.

DC Tenants Increasingly Resort to Rent Strikes  [Washington Post]  I once had a landlord who ignored weeks of texts, emails, and phone calls about the huge leak that sprung in the roof.  Literally 36 hours into withholding my rent, he had someone there plugging up the hole.  Some people don’t pay attention until you hit them in the pocketbook.

22 Skinny Houses with a Narrow Footprint and a Broad Impact  [Arch Daily]  Now that we’ve had the “tiny house” and “narrow house” trends, what’s next?  The “lightless house”?  The “low-ceilinged house”?

A Towering Trend for Supertall Buildings  [Mansion Global]  Just reading about the 80th-story penthouse that sways and buckles when the wind kicks up made my stomach do a little somersault.

The Hottest Housing Market In the US Is … Midland, Texas?  [Housing Wire]  I have no idea why Midland, Texas would suddenly experience a huge surge in housing demand, but I’m pretty sure it’s something nefarious.


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