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The summer mood is here, with DC’s patios in full swing, beers on tap, and vacations to the beach booked. Everyone’s happy (well, everyone will be happy, once it stops raining). But even though we’ve all been collectively aching for summer, it won’t be long before the drawn out whines of “I’m ready for summer” and “ I just want it to be warm out” will be replaced with the stifling realization that “ugh, it’s too hot out!” So, once you get over the replenishment of Vitamin D, it’s safe to say that you might be searching high and low for sunscreen or a fun way to escape summer’s sweat. What better way to stay cool (and cultured) then checking out an exhibit?

Luckily, DC never skimps on cultural riches for us to enjoy. A recent exhibition worth going to see is Naked Eyes: Celebration of Light, which is being shown at the Artechouse. Artechouse is DC’s first interactive digital art gallery with a rotating a showcase of large scale art installations completed by artists who embrace a new age of art where art and technology collide. On the “Vision” section of Artechouse’s website, the space further explains its purpose, stating:

“Through bringing art, science, technology and creativity together, our goal is to create immersive, sensory art experiences and a digital playground for all ages.

Celebrating these ideas through art, music, and innovation, this multipurpose art space invites participants of all ages to immerse themselves into the world of digital art while exploring multi-sensory installations, as well as new cultural and artistic experiences using the latest technology.”

The Naked Eyes exhibit was designed with an interesting goal in mind: to make viewers lose all sense of space. The installation has come to life via a collaboration between optical illustrator Noemi Schipfer and musician-architect Takami Nakamoto. Together, the duo is dubbed Nonotak Studio, and is normally based out of Paris. In this exhibit and others, they combine cutting-edge visual tools to create interesting light and sound installations, challenging the physical perception of space and putting forth appreciation for the role of light. In their own words:

“Art is not something to look at, it’s something to feel. That is one of the ideas that infuses much of the work created by Nonotak Studio…who see their work not as interactive machines, but as pieces that are alive in their own right.”

The exhibit’s landing spot in DC is no happy accident. The exhibition has been brought to the District courtesy of a collaboration that includes organizations such as the the Optical Society (OSA), American Physical Society (APS) , and the American Institute of Physics (AiP). The collaborative groups were excited to bring this exhibition to life, specifically because it easily melds in with a greater mission of helping to celebrate UNESCO’s Inaugural International Day of Light, which was marked officially on the 16th of May.

You can catch the exhibit from now until Saturday, June 30th, 2018, with tickets ranging from $8-$15 depending on age and time of day. Let there be light!

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