Build Your Own Home with This Pre-Fab Timber System!  [Arch Daily]  It’s kind of like Legos, if dropping a Lego on your foot would cripple you for life.

8 Architectural Marvels Inspired By the Summer Solstice  [Architectural Digest]  Why were all ancient civilizations obsessed with the longest day of the year?  It’s mystifying.  It’s like trying to explain the appeal of “The Bachelorette” to an ancient Mayan.

Looking Back at the Weirdest DC Neighborhood Names  [Washington Post]  I think we should go back to calling Bloomingdale “Cowtown,” if only because it would really irritate all my smug friends who bought their houses there in like 2006, and are now paper millionaires.

Silicon Valley Guy Puts Estate Up for $100 Million  [Wall Street Journal]  This estate has a “pizza room.”  If there’s not an elaborate fountain spouting Dr. Pepper in there, they missed a real golden opportunity.

Breaking Down the Vote for the Tipped Wage Initiative  [Citylab]  There was virtually nothing you could say about this issue that wouldn’t make one side of the debate scream furiously at you.  (I tried anyway, with “Servers want to keep making tips so they can continue to not pay taxes” and “The other side wants to abolish tipping because they’re cheap and can’t figure out 15% without using the calculator on their phone.”  Everyone screamed at me.)

U Street ANC Desperate to Replace “Eyesore” House On 8th Street – But Won’t Approve Redesign  [Popville]  This week in irony:  calling a perfectly nice historic two-story house an “eyesore,” but not saying anything about monstrously bland apartment megabuilding “The Shay” right next door.

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