Here’s to another installment of the #werkweek segment and we’ve got some amazing treats in store for you this week. I mean let’s be honest — not every week can be a winner — even in the nation’s capital. But, lucky for you this specific week right here is chock full of awesome events. We’re talking art, ice cream and drinks, festivals and more.

Who said all the fun was for the weekend? They obviously have never heard of us…


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Okay for those of you Washingtonians who like to stay on the up-and-up when it comes to the awesome art going on in this city, you’ll most likely be excited to find that ARTECHOUSE is kicking off a killer exhibition with Nonotak that is definitely sure to be one for the books.

If you’re into interesting, electronic, trippy art scenes, then head on over to see this awesome event that is sure to be a shock to the senses.

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Danish Embassy: Evening at the Residence of the

Ambassador from Denmark

Okay, so if you’re anything like me then you just love a good embassy event. This week you can head on over to the Danish Embassy for an awesome evening at the Residence of the Ambassador from Denmark. Be sure to dress your best and enjoy a quite, classy date night out full of cocktails, great food and plenty of networking.


2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

This awesome festival is definitely a must-attend seeing as how it’s kind of like the quintessential fun-in-the-sun, summer-loving event. If you’re into some good folk music, great eats and a whole lot of party then you can’t miss Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival this Wednesday evening.


It’s kind of like the perfect little mid-week/hump day break to get you back on track til the weekend.

How could you NOT want to attend an event that’s chock full of amazing ice cream and spirits tasting? I mean seriously — this is like heaven on earth.
So pack your most trusty T-shirts in your work bags and maybe a pair of yoga pants so you can nosh down hardcore on the insanity of deliciousness that will be awaiting you at Brookland Creamery.

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2018 Summer Evenings at the National

Arboretum: Rochelle Rice

Let’s say that you’re not so much of an extrovert and throwing yourself into densely populated events full of bright lights and noise just ain’t really your thang.

No worries — I too enjoy my solitary moments of peace and quite at the end of a long, rough day. But I also know that sometimes you really do just get hit with a good old fashioned dose of cabin fever that has you yearning to get out, stretch your legs and breathe in the warm summer air without all of the city chatter.

That’s why I listed this awesome event being hosted at the National Arboretum and featuring the wonderfully talented Rochelle Rice. This low-key event is the perfect option for those looking for a more quiet, slower-paced event to decompress from the weekly grind.

Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.

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Crave Rosé Patio Party

Okay, so thus far, my absolute favorite event on the list was Brookland Creamery HANDS DOWN. However, then I stumbled upon this little whimsical, light, classy and tasteful event being hosted at the ever-so-chic W Hotel this week and I have to be honest — my heart is torn in two directions.

I literally can’t think of a better day than relaxing on the W patio eating pastries and sipping Veuve Clicquot with friends after a long, hard day at the office. I mean seriously, this is the stuff of dreams baby. I mean, this is the very reason why you’re a Washingtonian in the first place, right?


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