You don’t have to live in a tiny apartment to be space-challenged. Any part of your home or apartment can give you trouble this way, whether due to the layout of the room, the types of belongings you have or any other reason.

In my home, built in 1952, my kitchen’s layout was the problem. One wall has cabinets, a sink and the fridge. The facing wall has more cabinets and the stove. One short wall has a door to the outside, and the other has, well … nothing.

When I redid the kitchen a few years ago, I considered getting new cabinets and wrapping them around to use the space on the empty wall. But I was advised against this, as doing so would too severely narrow the opening between my kitchen and the other rooms. So I was left with a big, empty, yawning wall. I had to figure out a way to create flat, compact vertical storage.

After combing through thousands of pictures online for a solution, I came up with one: pegboard. But not just any pegboard. Wall Control.

Control Your Walls

It sounds a like a funny name. Walls generally don’t give you too much trouble. They kind of just stand there, so you wouldn’t think they need controlling. But sometimes they do.

When you think of pegboard, you probably think of the garage. For many years, dads would install this versatile storage solution on the garage wall, then hang all their tools neatly on it. But the problem with pegboard is the more you use it, the less useful it becomes. Most of it is made of wood, and particleboard at that. So as the pegs strain against the wood, it slowly gives way, forcing you to move the pegs to fresh holes. Pretty soon your pegboard is little more than a weird pattern of useless pegs.

But with Wall Control, the pegboard and the pegs are metal, so they hold their shape indefinitely. You can map out your peg plan and leave it that way forever. Or, as your needs or tastes or mind changes, you can move them around.

Fill Your Space

I ordered four so I could make use of the most space possible, and mounted them together, orienting them vertically, to look like one large unit.

The accessories allow you to tailor your board to your specific needs. For instance, I ordered two sets of shelving. I can’t reach these shelves without a stool, so I only put items up there I don’t use often. One has rice (I keep a some in a smaller container in a drawer for regular use), another has oatmeal I used to put in cookies for my kids’ lunchboxes (one leaves for college soon) and the last has the contents of many almost-empty boxes of Raisin Bran my former husband would have thrown out, but I saved to make muffins. It’s been up there about seven years now, but I swear I’m going to do it soon.


Underneath that, I put up long hooks side by side to hold wine glasses. And under that I spread out the rest of the hooks for pots, pans and items that were too bulky for drawers, like a whisk and some large salad tongs.

I also used one long hook to hang a basket to hold fruits and vegetables I didn’t want cluttering up the counters and windowsills.

The metal pegs come with rubber gaskets to hold them tightly in place and prevent them from rattling.

This not only put to use an otherwise-wasted area of my kitchen, but it freed up lots of storage space I would have had to use for these items.


Although Wall Control sells a lot of pegboards to handymen, their website demonstrates other great uses for this storage solution, including in the laundry room and office. They also demonstrate that it can be used as a craft and hobby center and to organize jewelry.

Versatile Storage Solution

The best part is that you can take your pegboard with you wherever you go. Whether you own or rent, it dismantles and packs away easily, ready to be reassembled at the next location.

And I chose black, but they also offer red, white and blue kits and accessories. Some even come in yellow, orange and green.

What I like best about this storage solution is — unlike so many storage solutions — it doesn’t require that your items be packed up and put in a place you can’t see them. No one wants a mess, and we strive for organization, but we need convenience as well, especially in the kitchen.

With a Wall Control pegboard, everything’s right at your fingertips, whether you’re baking a cake, building a birdhouse or raking the lawn.

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