This $35 Million Spec Home Features a Massive Shark Tank  [The Real Deal]  The tank’s going to feature three sharks and seven stingrays.  How many beers would your pal Derek drink before he dared you to dare him to cannonball into the tank?

A DC Strip Club Reopens In a Neighborhood Transformed by Gentrification  [Washington Post]  The shaky cellphone video I saw of strippers at this place leaping from the windows as the building caved in is probably one of the five things I’ll think back on when I’m on my deathbed.

The Essential Guide to Building an Accessory Dwelling In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  One of the example designs in this article shows you how to replace your backyard shed with an accessory dwelling, which really confused me.  Isn’t an accessory dwelling just a backyard shed ….?

2% of New York’s Buildings Generate Half Its CO2 Pollution  [Huffington Post]  Okay, which of you is still using a coal-burning furnace?

20% of UK Millennials Would Prefer to Invest In Bitcoin Than In Real Estate  [Crypto News]  57% of Millennials also see investing in real estate as “high risk” over the next five years.  If there’s a crash in the next five years, I think we should fire all economists and replace them with random Millennials.

Kanye Sold His Manhattan Condo at a Loss  [6SQFT]  Apparently Kanye had a nine foot long bathtub right next to his bed in the master bedroom.  The more I think about this, the less I’m surprised by it.

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