This Artist Builds Mind-Blowing Models of African Megacities  [The Paris Review]   These models are like the answer to the question, “What if Wes Anderson had grown up in Zaire?”

Up to Half of All DC Bikeshare Bikes Have Been Stolen or Destroyed  [Washington Post]  What are people doing with stolen bikeshare bikes?  Selling them for scrap metal?  They’re not riding them.  Bikeshare bikes are like bowling shoes;  too ugly for public use, no matter how desperate you are.

The Architecture of Moscow’s Metro Is Insane  [Citylab]  Remember how weird the DC Metro looked to you the first time you went into a station?  Moscow’s is ten times weirder.

Google Is Building an Entire Smart City In Canada  [Politico]  Even though this idea is an obvious Orwellian nightmare waiting to happen, I’m on board just for the heated sidewalks to melt snow in the winter.

Young People Expected to Buy More Homes  [Bloomberg]  Young people will buy more houses when they start accepting something other than money in exchange for houses.

San Francisco Might Be the Most Expensive City Ever  [New York Times]  You can make $117K in San Francisco and still qualify as “low income.”  That’s like when you hear someone at their 25th birthday party moaning about “being old.”  Shut up.

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