One of the Guys from Daft Punk Is Now Making Furniture [Architectural Digest]  And the furniture looks about like what you’d imagine from a Frenchman who wears a robot head 24/7.

A Town-on-a-Plateau “Gardenhouse” Development Just Debuted In LA  [Arch Daily]  It’s a bunch of luxury houses, built atop an artificial mountain, all facing inwards.  But it’s green, so it’s totally not a next-generation gated community built with a civilian revolution in mind.

Luxury H St NE Building Overrun By Drunken Short-Term Tenants  [Washington City Paper]  In a battle between people paying $4500 a month to live on H Street and drunken rich kid interns puking in their rooftop pool, the only winners are the people who get to hate-read articles about their ongoing war.

Billions In Hamptons Shorefront Real Estate At Risk from Climate Change  [East Hamptons Star]  My new plan in life is to wait until sea levels have risen several feet and hurricanes lash the coast every weekend, buy a devalued Hamptons beach house for like $500, and throw a monthlong party right before it crumbles into the ocean.

No A/C Needed – These Buildings Cool Themselves  [The Daily Beast]  Even if I had a self-cooling house, I’d still need a roaring mechanical windowbox to drown out the annoying sounds of summer.  (I’m convinced people actually set an alarm on the weekends to get out there and frolic under my window.)

DC City Council Considers a Crackdown on Slumlords  [DCist]  But why only “considering” a crackdown?  Is there a contingent of councilmembers who are like, “ah, get off the slumlords’ backs, they’re doing the best they can!”

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