Those Big Colorful Boxes in Farragut Square Are Demonstrating the Benefits of Energy Efficiency  [Popville]  Each one has just under a ton of ice inside it.  If it hits a hundred again, I may take my blanket down to Farragut Square and sleep on top of one of these bad boys.

Some NoVa Communities Want to Implement a “Population Cap”  [Greater Greater Washington]  You hear so much about cities desperate to attract more residents, but this might be the first time someplace has considered actively trying to keep people out.  Is that even legal?  And are that many people really trying to move to NoVa?!  (Also – you don’t need a “population cap” to keep people out of a town, you just need to make it really expensive.)

This Former IBM VP Is Selling Possibly the Smartest Smart Home Ever  [Mansion Global]  This amazing place didn’t get a single nibble at $2 million, and it’s now being auctioned with no reserve.  If anyone wants to carpool up to Connecticut to try and buy a futuristic computer house for dirt cheap, I’ll throw in like $750.

This Real Estate Startup Is Ready to Piggyback Onto Amazon HQ2 at a Moment’s Notice  [Geekwire]  On one hand, it makes great business sense to immediately get into the real estate market of wherever Amazon opens its gargantuan new headquarters.  On the other hand, being this open about it is sort of like when a basketball player’s pal says, “I can’t wait until my buddy signs his big contract, I’m going to move into his mansion right away and negotiate a cash allowance!”

Ripping Off Real Estate Transactions Is Now More Profitable Than Bank Robbery  [Forbes]  I can’t believe this even needs to be said, but if you get a shady email telling you to wire fifty grand to a bank account, DON’T DO IT.

H Street Luxury Tenants Throw Giant Chess Pieces Off the Roof  [Washington Post]  I guarantee the guy who initially said, “bros, we should totally throw these chess pieces off the roof!” was named Chad.

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