The Dupont Circle Fountain Is Currently Filled with Blood  [Popville]  Maybe it’s not blood;  maybe the water just turned bright red for some mysterious, possibly Book of Revelations-related reason.  But I’m not putting my hands in there to check.

These Are the 5 Most Colorful Cities In the Americas  [Arch Daily]  I love these buildings, but these seem like really irritating places to live if you’re depressed.  I wonder what the blackest, most monochrome cities are?

Feast Your Eyes on the Quirkiest Listings In Paris  [Messy Nessy Chic]  Obviously I would trade several gallons of my blood and at least one major limb to live in any of these places, but looking at these photos really makes you realize that if Paris was a person, it would be a mildly annoying dude who wears lots of leather bracelets and pushes up the sleeves of his blazer instead of just taking it off.

The Untapped Potential of Alleys  [Citylab]  Living on a block with no alleys just feels wrong.  Where am I supposed to dump my old mattresses?  I can’t just put them in the front yard.  (The devil on my shoulder:  “Wait until 4AM and dump it in the neighbor’s yard.”)

Vietnam Is the Next Frontier in Luxury Real Estate  [Mansion Global]  Vietnam’s middle class is going to double by 2020.  Is this the opportunity the motivational speaker at that $399 weekend house-flipping seminar told you to look out for?

Bitcoin-Only Real Estate Transactions On the Rise  [WXVU]  There have been 20 bitcoin-only transactions in the world so far;  I can’t decide if that number sounds high or low to me.  But considering that bitcoin went from $20K apiece to $6K, some of those buyers got the deal of a lifetime.


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