A Giant T-Rex Costume Is Helping a Real Estate Agent Sell This House  [Inman]  Real estate is a lucrative business, but no one ever said it would always be dignified.  (On the other hand, this stunt has gotten the house 10 million views.  Double this man’s commission!)

Democrats Push for Nationwide Rent Subsidies  [Washington Post]  Forget Russia;  if one of the candidates promises to pay my rent, I’ll hack the voting machines myself.

A Tale of Two 20003s  [Greater Greater Washington]  20003 is a strange split zip code;  half is fancy Capitol Hill rowhouses, and the other half is new high-rise apartments by Nationals Park.  The only thing the two halves have in common is that I can’t afford to live in either one.

What $300K Buys You In Every US State  [Newsweek]  It’s basically a choice between a broom closet in heaven or a mansion in hell.

7 Spectacular Amsterdam Houseboats You Can Rent on Airbnb  [Architectural Digest]  I love Amsterdam, but everything about it, from the weird European electrical outlets to the bicycles to the city’s layout, was extremely confusing.  Of course, I was high the whole time.

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