Old Office Buildings Get New Life as Dwellings  [Housing Wire]  Offices make great homes – they all have tons of windows, great hardwood floors, and open floor plans – but homes make terrible offices.  I can’t write for more than ten minutes without an Xbox break.

Georgetown Estate Will Hit the Market at $22 Million  [Urban Turf DC]  It’s Ted Kennedy’s old estate, so you know whoever buys it is going to work the name “Kennedy” into conversation even more than the average Harvard grad shoehorns “Harvard” into every other sentence.

Chinese Skyscraper Features 108-Meter Waterfall Facade  [Arch Daily]  If I worked in this building, I’d totally bring my laundry to the office and hand-wash it at the bottom of the waterfall.

New York’s Fire Island Is Getting Hypergentrified  [Wall Street Journal]  One of the agents in this story is happy about “all the junky houses” being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, because the replacements are nicer.  At least that’s one upside to climate change – it’ll give us an opportunity to upgrade our beach houses!

Chinese Buyers’ Retreat Could Hurt US Home Values  [The Real Deal]  It’s so weird to be torn between a huge portion of the US economy crashing and the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to afford a house if housing prices plummet.

The Ascent of Climbing Gyms, and the Battle for Post-Industrial Real Estate  [Curbed]  It would be much easier to accept the fact that these warehouse climbing gyms would make much better artist’s lofts if climbing gym people didn’t look so lame in those perpetually wedgied nylon diaper climbing harnesses.

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