Southeast Residents Are Battling a Potential Storage Facility  [Curbed DC]  No one was against storage facilities until that one episode of “Breaking Bad.”  But not everyone who has a self-storage unit is a criminal.  Some of us are just deeply neurotic hoarders.

Judge Judy Just Bought an Insanely Nice Manson In Rhode Island  [Architectural Digest]  Wait, Judge Judy is worth a half billion dollars?!  Real judges are looking at their checking accounts like, “but she’s not even a real judge.”

DC Has the Most Green Roofs In America  [Smart Cities Dive]  In my old rowhouse in Shaw, there was a literal tree growing out of a huge crack in the facade.  Did I have the first green roof in DC?

The Past and Future of Old Soldier’s Home  [WAMU]  My ex lived across from Old Soldier’s Home, and we just to joke that it was actually a hospital for the criminally insane (there were fearsome metal fences around the entire compound) that they pretended was a military retirement home to avoid the uproar.  I still don’t totally believe that it’s not some kind of secret prison or something.

Why Is Pennsylvania Avenue’s Freedom Plaza Such a Failure?  [Greater Greater Washington]  Wow, they’re just coming right out and calling it a failure?  It’s like when my aunt turned to my mom at Thanksgiving and said, “and he had such potential when he was young!”

From DC Garage to $3.250/Month Accessory Dwelling  [Urban Turf DC]   I love this place, but wasn’t the whole point of accessory dwellings that it would make everyone’s rent cheaper?


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