Homes with Black Exteriors Have Gone Mainstream  [Curbed National]  My teenage self – who painted his own bedroom black – would be so excited to see this headline.

$1 Billion Lawsuit Against the District Over Gentrification Moves Forward  [Washington Business Journal]  Right now, a bunch of city officials are in a room somewhere downtown, discussing how much the city is willing to settle this suit for.  I’m betting the final figure will be about $300 million.

Stay Away from the Bike Lane:  A Poem  [Greater Greater Washington]  Honestly, I would never claim that my English degree from the world’s most respected writing program gives me any particular literary authority, but if you don’t think this poem is good, you are simply wrong.

Residents Fume As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods  [New York Times]  “Bococa” and “Rambo” are neighborhood names that could only have been created by a crappy AI.

Transforming the Parking Garages of Today Into the Housing of Tomorrow  [Arch Daily]  Maybe you’ve wondered how you’ll know when, exactly, the present becomes a nightmarish dystopia.  When everyone starts living in parking garages would definitely be a red flag.

Hillcrest Has Long Been a Haven for DC’s Black Middle Class. Will It Stay That Way?  [DCist]  There are very few ironclad, non-negotiable rules for adulthood, but “don’t move into a new neighborhood and refuse to talk to your neighbors” is certainly one of them.

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