The Case Against the Open Floor Plan  [Citylab]  I’ve been saying this for years.  I love the way the open floor plan looks, but when you actually live in a house with your family – who, let’s be honest, you’re probably trying to avoid most of the time – you start to get really nostalgic for walls.

Densification, Placemaking and More: the Rise of Real Estate’s Latest Buzzwords  [Bisnow]  Developers talking about “placemaking” is like when the person you’re dating introduces you at parties as their “lover.”  Please stop.

Collector of Empty Cans Turns Out to Own $8 Million in Real Estate  [NBC New York]  It’s like my father always said, “If you need money, don’t ask a rich man.  Ask a man who collects cans on the street and lives in his car, he might secretly be a wealthy real estate investor.”

Beachfront Real Estate Is No Longer a Great Investment  [Washington Post] Beachfront property is losing value by the day, but man, the property right behind the beachfront property?  That’s going to be the new beachfront property!

This College Student Brought His Own Tiny House to University  [Digital Trends]  Do this kid’s parents realize that 100% of the reason he brought his own place to college was so he could smoke and drink without being hassled by dorm police?

This Floating Island Features Swings and Hammocks  [Curbed]  We need these here in DC!  Who wouldn’t love to recline in a breezy hammock and then take a cool dip in the toxic waters of the Anacostia?

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