10 Private Islands You Can Visit Right Now  [Architectural Digest]  Alternate headline:  “10 Private Islands Where You Can Be Tased By Private Security Guards Right Now!”

How Much Affordable Housing Does DC Have?  [Curbed DC]  Long answer:  no one really knows.  Short, common sense answer:  none.

People Are Turning Abandoned Buildings Into Social Media Pop-Ups for Millennials  [NBC News]  If you figured out a way to shoehorn in a mention of Russia, this would be the most 2018 headline possible.

The US Cities Where You Can Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck  [Citylab]  Your dollar would go reeeeeally far in Williston, ND or Brownsville, TX.  The catch is that I wouldn’t move to Williston, ND or Brownsville, TX for any amount of dollars.

Hospitals Are Getting Into the Real Estate Business  [NPR]  Wait, could the housing crisis and the healthcare crisis just be one big crisis?

Inside the Scandal That Could Explode Multifamily Real Estate  [Housing Wire]  There were people who read all those articles and watched all those documentaries about the mortgage scams that caused the financial crisis, and thought, “hey, that’s not a bad idea!”







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