10 Insane Deep-Fried Foods You Can Eat at the Montgomery Country Fair  [Washingtonian]  I’ll be there, eating a stick of deep-fried butter, and then washing it down with deep-fried Coca-Cola.  (Those are both real things, by the way.)

DC Public Housing Still Has a Long Way to Go  [Washington City Paper]  After reading this story, I became paranoid that my apartment has black mold in it, but then I remembered that my house is way too dirty for black mold to survive.

11 Works of Asian Architecture In Full Bloom  [Arch Daily]  Asia really does love those cherry blossom trees.  What’s the American equivalent?  Garden gnomes?  Guy Fieri?

A Road Trip Through Cali’s Crazy Architecture  [Architectural Digest]  If I could live in a house shaped like an owl or a dinosaur, you’ll never hear me complain about anything ever again.

Manufactured Housing Is Making a Big Comeback  [Bloomberg]  Is $90,000 really that cheap for a prefabricated house?  Take a zero off that price and maybe you’d have something there.

How Many People Are On the Move In DC?  [Urban Turf DC]  The housing market’s like a game of musical chairs.  If you’re holding a mortgage when the music stops/bubble pops, you lose your home.

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